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Professions in our game allow you to make money and contribute to your Kingdom.  Our Economy promotes player created items and objects, unlike other games where the best EQ is found from killing monsters, opening chests or buying them from NPCs.

Weaponsmith: Create a variety of weapons suitable for all members of your Kingdom.  Weaponsmiths are also able to fashion polished gems into weapons for added effects (effects are depended upon the gem, how polished it was and the skill of the ‘smith).

Armoursmith: Create a variety of armor suitable for all membesr of your Kingdom.  While you do not specialize in leather or cloth, you can take already fashion leather pieces and attach them to plate to create an awesome set of platemail.  Just like the weaponsmith you are also able to fashion polished gems into armor for added effects (effects are depended upon the gem, how polished it was and the skill of the ‘smith).

Gemcutting: Masters of your art, you are able to cut rough gems out of the mines and rocks of the world and then polish them up to be used as enhancements for weapons and armor.  The amout of effects depend on the skill of the gemcutter (when socketing the gem, the ‘smiths skill is also taken into consideration).

Architecture: You build the plans that players will need to build their own houses.  Players will also have to purchase plans from you for any of their buildings they want to build in their player cities.

Alchemy: Love to mix and match different things?  Not afraid of explosions?  Alchemists create potions, food and poisons for players to utilize.  Potions range from good to bad.  The alchemist poison is the only way to have any poison affect on your weapons.   You must buy the poison from the alchemist (it’s strength and # of procs depend on the Alchemists’ skill).

Leathersmith: You take hides and tan them into leather.  You take wool or cotton and turn it into cloth for a variety of clothing wear.  You can fashion full leather armor or you can provide someone with the leather pieces needed to make their other padded or plate armor.

** more information on each profession will be available soon. **

** other professions may be added at a later time. **