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Ch. 2: War of the Ancients

Chapter 2

It was rumoured the One that Noble Men simply called “Wisdom” brought forth the prophecy. Whispers of it ran rampant through the lands until it dissolved into legend being handed down from generation to generation.

The dream spoke of an era of Peace and Honor and the Rise of the Fabled Ancients, a class of warriors and magi that none could defeat. But pride and arrogance would breed among the elite and soon they would struggle amongst themselves, setting off a chain of unstoppable war and destruction.

The Gods merely watched as their creations were destroyed one by one, for even they dare not interfere with the great prophecy understanding that the mortals would reap all that their evil had sown.

Smoke stung his eyes and clawed dryly at his throat as the dawning sun struggled to filter through the ruin and rampage that had destroyed the great city of Doak.

In his blood and dirt caked hands the Orb of Life just faintly gave off any light. The young warrior carefully wrapped up the failing Orb, remembering the whispered words from his Grandfather’s knee. “When the Age of Peace and Honor have passed. When the rot of death and the stench of betrayal fill the land, watch carefully my son for He that will emerge from the east, for his justice shall surely illuminate the Dark Horizons.”