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Apply to become a staff member

Send an email to list your previous staff experience, gaming experience, qualifications, why you want to be an immortal here, what position you are seeking and the estimated time available to be online and an alt form of contact (ICQ/AIM/MSN).  Thank you for considering to be a staff member, you can also log into the game and type help apply to learn more of the requirements.

Currently Looking for:

Creative Minds: To create a Kingdom; It’s histories, culture and scenary.  Including any famous named people.

Creative Minds: To create some chapters of our world’s backstory (the Lore).  The chapter delineations are seen on the front page and under Game Lore / Official (we have bits n pieces to help you).

Artistically Gifted: To create character portraits of the 5 races of Alucinor (possibly some beastiery also if we find someone who enjoys that).

World Builder: Someone to put all these sceneries into the actual game, must be proficient in OLC (or willing to put in the time to learn and than create).

Engineer: Are you a fantastic developer?  Looking for someone to help develop (currently we have 2 developers, so you are not alone).

Story Tellers: To help create some fiction for the world of Alucinor.  This is to help prepare future players of the game for some RP discussions.  Could be two paragraph stories of encounters or a couple pages long, it’s up to you.  Must fit in with the lore of Dark Horizons and the world of Alucinor.