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About The Concept

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Purpose of Document:
The purpose of this document is to outline our conceptual ideas, so we can define exactly where we want to go and how we need to go about getting there.

Proposed Idea:
My proposed idea consists of 3 or 4 dynamic kingdoms.
The purpose of these kingdoms is to create a roleplay assessment with pking in mind.  The kingdoms are currently at war with each other, they are hated enemies and each one believes they are the thriving kingdom.  These kingdoms will be separated by many major differences, one is the setup; each kingdom will have their own entire land mass, filled with cities – towns – outposts and etc.  The second is the political ideas of how the kingdom should be run.

Each Kingdom will have their own history, their own governing laws, economy and citizens.  Each Kingdom will have it’s own theme.  On character creation one of the very first things it asks is what Kingdom you wish to live in and serve, choose your Kingdom wisely as changing your mind has dire consequences.  First you’ll lose all of your notoriety, your Kingdom Points (described later) and all property owned within that Kingdom.  We will also have strict rules about multiplaying two different Kingdoms.   More breakdown on Kingdoms later.

Kingdoms will vote on council members, and the King/Queen. The King will control all variables for the kingdom (tax amount, % markup on vendors, etc) He will have a 4 member council that will help run things, including building new additions and areas to their kingdom (within their alloted land).  More on the council positions later.

Factions within Kingdoms will be formed, primarily, with the common goal of maintaining the Kingdoms glory. One example of a Faction that will exist is the Kings Army, or the Masters of Craft Faction.

Player Killing:
This is the best part.   There is no “SAFE” Person.  Each Kingdom will have a major Castle/City that is heavily heavily guarded by what I call Super Guards, these guards will be absolute power and will automatically attack any opposing Kingdom member that dares to enter; However they will be killable you just need a huge well organized force to do so.  Anything outside of this Major City/Castle is open grounds, Kingdoms can attack other Kingdoms almost freely (not sure if we want a restriction or not, you all decide).   Killing opposing Kingdom members serve two purposes, First is the need for blood satisfied and the Kingdom protected for another day.  But also for kingdom points, each kill gives a range of kingdom points from 1 to 100 or more; the amount of kingdom points you receive per kill is tallied by a nice mathematical equation, taking into consideration your skill, your targets skill and other data.  These kingdom points will be exchangeable for Kingdom Skills (and other armor/weapons/titles), and is the only way to receive these special Kingdom privileges.

Kingdom Skills for example, can range from a new attack style, spell, to instant 1 time full heal with a 30 minute timer.  This is what makes Pking worth it, the rewards!  Also there will be a ranking system, You gain favor of the Kingdom thus enabling you to get nice ranks; such as Lord, Baron, Knight, etc.,  based upon many different variables.   Just as a forethought, if you die you lose a certain amount of your kingdom Points depending on the skill of the person you died too.

More to be refined and discussed at a later time.

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