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Players have the ability to create cities within the Kingdom.  To do so they must purchase land from the Kingdom (or “attain” new land for the Kingdom that the King then extends to them) and petition to create a city.   Player Cities are unique in that they are maintained and changed by the players of that city.

A player city has a Mayor, Treasurer and Sheriff (and two deputies appointed by Sheriff).  The city must pay taxes and tithes to the Kingdom they belong too.

Why would someone build a city?  There are several reasons why a group of players would want to do this, some of these could be;  To localize protection and support for their group, to help provide more living space (personal homes) for other citizens or maybe something more sinister like to plan a revolt from the Kingdom (to maybe create their OWN Kingdom, *hmmm*).

Why would a Kingdom allow player cities?  Player cities help fill out the Kingdoms lands so they are not empty.  Player cities have to pay taxes and tithes to the Kingdom.  They are often times closer to the resources for gathering purposes.  The Kingdoms lands can be extended with Player cities.

You buy a plot of land from the Kingdom, plots are decided upon place and availability.  Different plots have different requirements, for example all of them require a certain number of player homes (whether the property is owned or not is not important but those not-owned must be purchasable by other citizens).

There are pre-requisites to purchasing land, not only do you need the Kingdoms approval to purchase the plot but there are also a minimum number of citizens that must pledge to the player city.


Alchemist Shop: The Alchemist’s Workshop is usually where potions, food and poisons are made. With cauldrons, alembics, and a scent of esoteric substances, this construction offers mystical surroundings.

Armourers Shop: The Armourer’s Workshop, like any forge, is a robust building. In its center is a large forge and many instruments to make the most enthralling armors. The armorsmiths in the guild benefit from having this building in your village.

Barracks: The Barracks, with its walls scarred by marks of swords and axes, is home to the mighty soldiers. Here, through studies of war, they have gained a certain invulnerability and higher capacity to protect themselves against physical attacks.

Blacksmith Shop: The Blacksmith’s Workshop is a sturdy building, where the clanking of hammers and anvils and the smouldering heat from the forge belongs.

Keep: The Keep is the heart and soul of the city.  This building must be built to claim an area as yours, and, without it, no other buildings can be raised.  It is vital to protect the keep during sieges.  You may lose your entire city if your keep is destroyed in battle.  The keep is upgradable, providing many more benefits as you put more resources into it.

Temple: The Temple is a sanctuary for all those who have devoted themselves to the gods.  In here, among hushed voices, wise priests have learned how commitment to their deity protects them in battle and grants certain invulnerability to harmful magic.

Tradepost: The Tradepost serves as the cities access point to the global trade market.  Local merchants stand ready to help citizens buy and sell their goods.

University: The University is the home of clever mages far and wide.  Among shelves of books and desks to study, mages of the Kingdom learn the fine details of their craft, gaining a higher effect of destructive magic.

Bar: Every now and then people need to relax and socialize with other members of their city.  The Bar is the place to do that and sometimes there are even Bards to entertain you there.  Good food, good friends, an all around good time.

Houses: There are several different types of houses that can be put down, from 1 story 2 room houses to 7 room mansions.

** All buildings give some sort of bonus to those utilizing the facilities **

** More buildings may be added at a later time. **

** Everything is upgradeable and you can attempt to take your little city and turn it into a huge bustling major city of the Kingdom or even become big enough to take on the Kingdom!! **