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About The Game

Dark Horizons started in December of 1999, it ran successfully from then till June 14th 2006 at which point it was closed down.  After 3 years, in August 2009, we decided to opened it back up. We are currently revamping the whole system, but please stop by and say hello to our wonderful staff.

Dark Horizons is the name of an overall Story designed, created and developing solely for the purpose of the game Dark Horizons. Every special event is categorized as Chapters, currently we are in the 3rd Chapter titled “Age of Renewal”. You can go to the game lore section to read past and present chapters. Our Chapter design allows players to live out and effect the actual game world as the Chapters catalog the introduction and completion, including player names who had a substantial impact on that Chapter. Each Chapter is an opportunity for the players to change the direction of the Story and influence it to their desires. There is no set Storyline, our Story grows with our players. This experience allows an ever thriving and growing community.

The setting takes place on a world called Alucinor; a beautiful world filled with continents, oceans, lakes and mountains. Do not let the beauty fool you, however, as beneath the surface and hidden within the woods are very dangerous obstacles and creatures. There are several races who call Alucinor home and more are discovered at an alarming rate. Alucinor has changed so much it would be best for you to read the game lore section to know what Alucinor looks like now.