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Damage Options

Tue Feb 21 05:50:46 2006
To: all
By: Seronis

add a new group to the ‘set’ command labeled options. currently you can:
set option dambase
set option damspell

for either damage option the value should be a number from 1 to 1000 and it
stands for the percent multiplier for that damage category. This effect is
global and effects all monsters and players equally. The value has a base
value of 100 (obviously) but if an immortal changes the value you should
keep in mind that the value DOES NOT SAVE across crashes or copyovers. So
feel free to tweak the ammount of base damage or spell damage that is dealt
and find values you like (without me having to change code anymore). That
power is now in your hands fellow immortals.

I might add in dampc and damnpc so you can tweak the ratio of player vs mob
damage dealth but its not gaurenteed. Also dont have any plans on saving
the values to be stable across copyovers so you’ll have to re-set the values
if you change them in those instances.


PS: help file will be written sometime this week